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quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2009

Chip Windows XP SP3 July 2009

Chip Windows XP SP3 July 2009

Chip Windows XP SP3 July 2009 | 1.08 GB

This is an multiboot disk Chip Windows XP SP3 2009.07 c updates on June 15, 2009
Build collected on the original image of Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Russian version + the necessary updates to 15 June 2009.
The corporate version, does not require activation.
Upgrading from an older OS UNSUPPORTED. ONLY FOR THE INSTALLATION from scratch!
The disc is designed primarily for "clean" install from a bootable CD.
Installation is performed in an automatic, and in normal mode. You need only select the section which will be the installation and choose: format the partition or not.
Enter the serial number of the dual-boot is not required! The key is to set the ReadMe.txt file in the root disk.

:::::::Change Language for XP:::::::
if this version not is english ,
you can change to English or your language :

How to change Language to English start control panel region and language options (globe shaped icon)

if in classic view
click date, time,region and language options (globe shaped icon)
click region and language options (globe shaped icon)
change both address bars to english
click ok
failing that you might be able to download the english language files from microsoft

PS it is usual procedure in untouched XP

google more about Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack installation. (muisetup.exe)

Additional Information:
The full name of the image: Chip_2009.07.iso
MD5 - 0f9dfe18ebdf214316ed09d114443ebc

Screens : #1
download link : for USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia,EU.
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