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quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2009

Windows BEST XP SP3 RU EDITION Release 9.7.2

Windows BEST XP SP3 RU EDITION Release 9.7.2

Windows BEST XP SP3 RU EDITION Release 9.7.2 | 691.88 MB

CD version of Windows XP Professional SP3 (v5512) Corporate Edition Volume License x86 c tuned to 19 June 2009 and integrated SATA / RAID and ACHI drivers, and a visual style ResPatch Seven-Yellow v4.8.
To install Windows from ISO write ISO file to CD quality TDK or Verbatim with a minimum speed!
Check whether in the BIOS to boot from the drive! Setting assembly strictly to clean the hard disk!
Subject to the sequence of installation --
Enter the serial number is not required and is being tested for authenticity.

Integrated components:
1. DirectX 9.0c March 2009
2. Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5264
3. Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
4. FileMenu Tools 5.6 - The program expands the functionality of the context menu of files and folders.
5. CabTools - Creates the context menu for files and folders, send a paragraph: the cabinet - the cabinet and draw - compress.
6. Sun Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 14
7. . Net FrameWork 1.1 3.5SP1 LP KB
8. Paint.NET 3.36
9. HashTab 3.0 (Rus) - Displays heshi MD5, SHA-1 and CRC-32 in the properties files.
10. Unlocker 1.87 - Helps to unlock / move / delete busy file.
11. WinRAR 3.90 beta 4 Rus skin Vista
12. XP Tweaker Rus 1.5.3 bulid 78
13. Required Dll's 9.6.3 - Additional system libraries needed to run some programs.
14. TCP / IP - an increase in the limit of simultaneous incomplete (half-open) connections.

Installed components and update:
Includes files of the following updates and hotfiksov:
KB887606, KB898461, KB909520, KB922120-v6, KB931125, KB932716-v2,
KB923561, KB938464-v2, KB942288-v3, KB943729, KB944043-v3, KB946648,
KB950762, KB950974, KB951066, KB951376-v2, KB951618-v2, KB951830,
KB951978, KB952004, KB952011, KB952287, KB952954, KB953155,
KB954459, KB954600, KB954708, KB954920-v2, KB955069, KB955417,
KB955704, KB955839, KB956572, KB956802, KB957097, KB957579,
KB958644, KB958655-v2, KB958687, KB959426, KB960225, KB960680-v2,
KB960803, KB961118, KB961373, KB961501, KB961503, KB967715,
KB968537, KB969897, KB969898, KB970238, KB970483.

Moreover, added the following updates:
• Microsoft Calculator Plus
• MSXML 4.0 SP3
• Adobe Flash ActiveX Control
• Microsoft Update 7.2.6001.788
• Windows Update Agent 7.2.6001.788
• Auto Update Client
• Windows Genuine Advantage Validation 1.9.0040.0
• Tvik registry instead of MRT (KB890830)

Content updates Unofficial Resurrection v.9.6.19:
KB889320, KB948277, KB950616, KB951624, KB953028,
KB954434, KB958244, KB959465, KB961187, KB969557, KB970685.

Integrated driver:
• MassStor_x86_9.3.21
• Raid

Advanced Control Panel applets v05a.09:
DirectX - DirectX 9.0c CPL (rus)
TweakUI for Windows - TweakUI PowerToy v2.10.0.0 (rus)
Startup - Startup v2.8 CPL (rus)
Analysis of video card - GPU-Z v0.3.4 (rus)
Analysis and verification of the hard drive - HD Tune v2.55 (rus)
Analysis of the processor and memory - CPU-Z v1.51 (rus)
AntiAutorun (rus)
Tool BootSave - BootSafe v2.0.1000 (rus)
Tool NostsXpert - NostsXpert 4.3 (ru)
Tool Microsoft TimeZone - Microsoft TimeZone TimeZone v2.1.34.0 (rus)
Tool MS AutoPlay - Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard (rus)
Tool Nero DriveSpeed - Nero DriveSpeed v3.0.0 (rus)
Tool Nero Info Tool - Nero Info Tool v5.3.3.0 (rus)
Keys Windows - Produkey v1.35 (rus)
Monitoring system - HWmonitor v1.14 (rus)
Setting the ClearType - ClearType PowerToy (rus)
Setting up the System - New MSConfig (rus)
Erasing Internet Cookies - Expired Cookies Cleaner v1.02 (rus)
Check the display - TFT Monitor test version 1.52 (Russian)
Memory Check - MemTest v3.8 (rus)
Transparency Tray - TransBar 1.4.2 (Russian-translated)
Services and equipment - Services and Devices v2.7 (rus)
Testing Equipment - S & M 1.9.1 (Russian)
Accounts Win2k - User Accounts 2 CPL (rus)
Center installed updates - WinUpdatesList v1.23 (rus)
Registry Editor
Task Manager

Screens : #1
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